Specialized Experience

C.E.G.I.'s principal, James F. Kill, who previously owned Consulting Engineering Associates of Pinellas Park, Florida - has over 30 years of combined engineering experience.  Under his leadership, C.E.G.I. employs a demanding philosophy of undertaking each individual project with a standard of excellence maintained throughout the entire staff.  It's this sense of achievement and enthusiam for excellence that sets C.E.G.I. apart from the rest.


The members of our project team have the necessary qualifications to respond to the specific requirements of engineering, ensuring that all projects are successful.  Throughout the firm's history, we have continued to grow and improve our capability for delivering engineering services to our clients.  C.E.G.I. is uniquely qualified to provide these services for the following reasons:

1) Consulting Engineering Group Inc., International has SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN SIMILAR PROJECTS. Involvement in a significant number of facilities in the healthcare and educational industry continues to be a priority of the firm, accounting for approximately 60% of our business.  The remaining portion of our firm is dedicated to Commercial and Industrial clients.

2) We are COMFORTABLE WITH TIGHT SCHEDULES.  We have completed many projects which were under construction months before final construction documents were completed.

3) The firm has a PROVEN RECORD OF DELIVERING QUALITY SERVICE ON TIME AND WITHIN THE ASSIGNED BUDGET.  The prudent spending of your available dollars will be assured.

4) The computerized specifications and computerized drafting systems used by our team coupled with our EXPERIENCE IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS allows rapid production of all necessary construction documents.  This management system permits thorough participation and review by our clients.  Further, it ensures that we are able to meet your schedules.

5) C.E.G.I.'s professional reputation demands close observation of actual construction to ENSURE THAT PROJECTS ARE BUILT AS SPECIFIED AND DRAWN.  The firm takes pride in its ability to respond to all clients in a timely manner, no matter where they are located.

6) The firm's philosophy strongly dictates, the ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT OF UPPER LEVEL MANAGEMENT in all major projects.  These individuals will be personally involved in your project from beginning to end and they will provide you with total accountability.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."
This approach to design which is accomplished by an inner-disciplinary team directed by our project director has resulted in over 400 successfully completed health care assignments, 200 commercial projects and 90 educational project assign