Specialized Experience


C.E.G.I. utilizes a multi-level cost projection technique to ensure that the value of the project being designed remains within project cost target boundaries.

At the space program level, C.E.G.I.. utilizes a square footage cost technique based upon historical data.  This data includes costs for each type of space found within each type of facility.  Our data base is adjusted as follows:

. Desired level of building quality and ambiance
. Labor and material cost for the geographic area
. Date of construction start
. Special site and seismic conditions

The statement of probable cost is updated at the completion or refinement of conceptual design and at the completion of schematic design utilizing the square foot technique.

At the completion of design development phase, C.E.G.I. utilizes a building system value approach to develop a more finite cost projection.  Electrical system is then priced.

At the completion of construction documents, C.E.G.I. establishes a more detailed statement of probably cost utilizing a quantity take-off technique.  This is the same technique utilized by contractors to prepare a bid to construct the project.  This statement of probable cost is utilized in the process of evaluating proposals from contractors.

After the contract is awarded, C.E.G.I. requires that the contractor break down his bid into a schedule of values so that our statement of probably cost and the contractor's bid can be compared for a mutual understanding.  Any change order request submitted on the part of the contractor is then compared to the values established at the point of construction contract execution.

This multi-level cost projection technique has been successfully utilized by C.E.G.I. on over 950 projects, since 1984.